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It’s been a busy couple of weeks around here with the holidays and all, but I am back now and ready to blog!  I hope all of you enjoyed your holidays as much as I did.

On to the post…

Recently, I had lunch with some friends.  They were asking me about “G” and I told them how he’s a ton of fun but is also a very mischievous little boy.  This led to a discussion on disciplining children.  Both of them told me that when “G” does something wrong that I need to be spanking him.  This caught me by surprise.  My first thought was, “Spank a one year old? Really?” Don’t get me wrong, I’m a firm believer in discipline.  I’ve seen the results of children who are not properly disciplined and I definitely don’t want that for my children.  I don’t have an issue with spanking either, but I’m just not sure that spanking a one year old is beneficial.

I can tell that my son understands some of the things I say to him and knows what is going on around him.  But, would he understand a spanking and why he’s receiving it or would he just feel the pain and not know why mommy hit him?  The most I’ve done with “G” is to slap his hand if he does something he’s not supposed to. For example, “G” often tries to pick up and eat Diva’s cat food (gross!) and plays in her water fountain (yes, my cat has one of those water fountains, not just a water dish.  Spoiled kitty.).  I am constantly going to him, telling him “no” in a strong firm voice, pulling him away from her fountain, and smacking his hand so he knows he shouldn’t do that.  However, he still does it over and over.  He’ll do it again 3 seconds after I’ve just reprimanded him for doing it.  I usually end up just putting him in his Pack ‘N Play for a bit so that he can’t continually go after Diva’s food and water.  This actually seems to work more than the slap on his little hand because when I take him out of the Pack ‘N Play, he forgets about Diva’s  food and water and plays with his toys.  So, my feeling is, if he responds better to me putting him in his Pack ‘N Play than slapping his hand and telling him “no”, what would be the point of spanking him at this age?  I guess I’m just not convinced he would fully understand the reasoning behind it.

I pose this question to you:  Do you (or did you in the past) spank your child when they were between the age of 1 and 2?  If so, did it seem to work?  If not, at what age did you begin to spank your children?  Or, do you have an entirely different method of discipline and don’t spank your children at all?

Feel free to leave your comments below.

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