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For the past three years my boys and I have been making leprechaun traps to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. It is so much fun! We make a trap, come up with a plan to catch the sneaky little bugger, and then wait and see what we find the morning of St. Patrick’s Day. I’m not sure what happens in your house, but in our house, the leprechaun always makes a big mess! But, my boys love the mess. They’re boys, so of course, they do!

Enter daddy. When daddy saw all the fun we were having he decided to get in on the action. So he made his own leprechaun trap out of Legos…


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My husband and I are both very proud of our cultural backgrounds.  He is Irish and German and I am Italian and Sicilian (yes, there is a difference and that’s why I specified).  We feel it is important to pass on our cultural family traditions to our children.  One way we have begun to do this is by working on a family tree.  We have a book started and are planning on using to do more research into our backgrounds.  Another way we have begun to pass our traditions along to “G”, is through food.  I make many traditional Italian and Sicilian dishes quite frequently.  I am still learning about Irish and German dishes and will soon be making many of those types of meals as well.  Since we are American by birth, we do, of course, also instill American patriotism and culture into “G”.  Here are some examples of how we pass our cultural traditions on to “G” through food:

Here Giovanni is enjoying a Sicilian Cannoli.  He ate practically the entire thing.  That’s my good little Sicilian!

Here he is learning about his Irish heritage.  What better way to learn about his Irish roots than by enjoying a Shamrock Shake?

And, finally, we want to make sure he really celebrates being American.  Afterall, that is what we are first and foremost.  What better way to celebrate being American than enjoying food from Sonic, a classic American restaurant? 

As you can see, “G” has been enjoying learning about our family heritage.  We look forward to teaching him even more as the years pass.

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