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St. Patrick’s Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. I absolutely adore it! After visiting Ireland when I was in college, I fell in love with Ireland and this wonderful holiday even more. When I lived in Chicago one of my favorite things to do was don my green shirt, go into the city to watch them dye the river green and then walk with the enormous crowd of people down to the parade route and enjoy the St. Patty’s Day parade. I just love all things Irish! Heck, I even married a man who’s half Irish. I don’t know…maybe it’s the Shamrock Shake I had for lunch talking, but when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day, I get really excited.

Last year I wanted to do something to get my children into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit. We decided we would make our very own Leprechaun trap to catch ourselves a Leprechaun on St. Patty’s Day. This was such a fun craft and very easy to make! We enjoyed it so much we are setting our trap out again this year.



The first thing we did was to get an old shoe box and cover it with green construction paper. I like using the construction paper because it’s easy to paint on. If you were to use wrapping paper it might not be as easy of a surface for the paint to stick to. After covering the box with the paper, I used a spray adhesive (you can find these at Wal-Mart or any craft store) to spray the different sections of the box and then sprinkled green glitter over it.




Next, my son painted pictures of a rainbow, pot of gold and shamrocks onto the box. After that we glued some gold coins to the inside of the lid. The reason for the coins on the inside of the lid is because when the Leprechaun tries to take those coins off, the lid will come down as he does and trap him inside. That’s how you catch him! Well, if you can catch him…

After we decorated the box, we made signs to lead the Leprechaun to the box and a ladder to help him climb in. Both were very simple to make. I used white cardstock to make the signs and glued them to a craft stick. I then put some mounting putty on the bottom of the craft stick so it would stand up. For the ladder, I cut bamboo skewers to the size I wanted and used wood glue to attach the pieces.

Then, I put a pot of gold and some Leprechaun bait inside the box. The Leprechaun bait is just some Lucky Charms cereal inside a cupcake wrapper. And lastly, I taped a craft stick to the inside of the box to prop it open when you put the lid down.




The night before St. Patrick’s Day, set up the trap with your children before they go to bed. After they go to bed, take the Leprechaun bait and the gold coins out, leaving the empty containers (and the coins attached to the lid) inside. Write a note from the Leprechaun and put a few gold coins with the note (you can find different options for notes on Pinterest). You can also leave some other signs that the Leprechaun was at the house. Such as leaving Leprechaun footprints like THESE, putting green food coloring in the toilet and two footprints on the toilet seat, and making a mess in the room with the trap. You can even sprinkle gold and green glitter about, use food coloring to make the milk green…there are so many options! Just have fun and enjoy!

**Side note: We were planning to repaint our table, which is why I put the painted footprints directly on our table. However, I wouldn’t recommend that if you have a very nice table. The paint won’t come off so easily. You can cut out and use paper footprints instead.**

I hope you have as much fun with this as my family did.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


How do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?


My baby turned three years old this month. Three!!! I can hardly believe it. Kids really do grow up SO FAST.

My little guy has a love for Wild Kratts, so it was only fitting we do a Wild Kratts birthday party. This was actually the first party I’ve done for him, so I wanted to do it up right.

The first thing I did was hit up Pinterest and the PBS Kids website for party ideas. I found so many great ideas and couldn’t wait to incorporate them. Also, the PBS Kids website has FREE printables! You can’t beat that! I did buy a couple of printables from Etsy, but most of what I used came from the PBS website. Other food and game ideas I found on Pinterest. You can check out my Wild Kratts party board on Pinterest HERE.

The Food

For the food I made some fun Snake Sandwich’s, Dirt Pudding, Lion Veggie Dip, Cheetah Tails, Caterpillar’s and a Creature Power Cake. I used the PBS Kids printable food labels as well as THESE printable food labels I found on Etsy. I also decorated the table with THESE cute tented animal fact cards from Etsy.




The Games

I had three games prepared for the kids. We did a Cheetah Race, a Creature Rescue, and a Caterpillar Cocoon.

For the Cheetah Race, the kids raced from one side of the yard to the other, while on all fours.

For the Creature Rescue, I buried some toy animals in a bin of plastic balls and the kids had to dig through it to find all the animals and rescue them.


For the Caterpillar Cocoon, the kids wrapped each other in toilet paper to form a cocoon and then the “caterpillars” had to break out of their cocoon.


The Favors

For the favor bags I printed and cut out THIS water bottle label from Etsy and taped it to the front of a brown paper bag. I filled the bags with “Large Mouth Bass” (Swedish Fish), “Fireflies” (Glow sticks), Bookmarks, an Adventure Passport, and a Forest Search and Find picture. HERE is the printable for the labels I used for the Bass and Fireflies.


All in all, it was a super fun day and a very successful party!

Keep on Creature Adventuring!!



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